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GDOT has recently been approached by Lain Graham, a graduate student at Georgia State University with a request to conduct further isotopic analysis using the enamel dust left over from the oxygen radioisotpe analysis conducted in 2011. Lain worked on the recovery and shares the same faculty advisor with the mortuary archaeologist who conducted the 2011 research.  Her advisor suggested that the samples of the dust, which have been stored at GSU’s Bio-archaeology lab, be used to conduct strontium isotope analysis.  This could give information on the migratory status of some of the individuals and could show that some migrated from other areas…..or not. This information would be made available to future researchers and could provide the descendants with a little more information regarding the origins of the individuals laid to rest at Avondale Burial Place. 

Lain is pursuing a grant to do this work.  Results should be available 9-12 months after funding for the research is secured. She will be keeping us updated on her progress and the results. Good luck, Lain!


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  1. This could really help me in my family research looking forward tomore information n the progress of the research

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